Sunday, 19 June 2011

Who is bigger tax payer and how?

        Suppose a person earns yearly Rs. 500000, he needs to pay direct tax of Rs.20000 after all the deductions etc. That is to say 4% of salary. This is not all further he pays many other indirect taxes, such as on medical facilities, education, transportation, cooking gas, petrol, diesel and so on.
        Now these indirect taxes are paid by every Indian where he earns are not. because these are on basic facilities. No one can live without water and so a poor.
        Here is the case in Indian context, persons who do not earn sufficiently do not attract any direct tax liability. But these Indians pay their 100% by way of indirect taxes and still do not get basic facilities as the deserve.The person who pays 4% as direct tax and a minor part of his income as indirect taxes, have access to all sort of government facilities as well.
       Now you draw a comparison between these two, one who pays maximum 10% of his income (4% direct + max 6% indirect ) and other 100% of his income.
       Who is bigger tax payer? Simple mathematics says the person who pays 100% of his income. Let me know if there is some other mathematics which can change my mind. I will be thankful to all of you.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fathers day and their sons

          Today on 20 June is fathers day. What value does this has for human being? I could never understand. Do the son of this earth really mean about this day ? I am very sorry to say no. Reasons are very simple.
          Firstly if you believe in humanity, you need to love and care everyone around you. Why only father? Secondly why for one day? I do not think your father needs one day love from you. Thirdly and most importantly no father on this earth needs the type of love shown by the new generation father lovers; such as gifts etc.
          My request to all the sons today is very simple Today if you can find out what your father wants you to achieve in your own life and why, it will be great gift to your father by a loyal son. Throughout their life he has given you a lot. They do not need any thing more than the satisfaction of being a father. Allow him to feel that. Do not limit their feelings to a materialistic piece of gift.
         Just keep  in mind tomorrow you will be father. Will you be satisfied being father for one day in a year?
If answer is yes then celebrate 'Happy fathers day' . Otherwise come let us make every day of our life fathers day. Father and Mother are creators. I hope dignity of creators must be above all. Respect them love them every moment. They are the medicine of your life, which never has any side effect.
        Think about how many mistakes of yours have been tolerated by your father. Tolerate one of me if you can. By the way i would like to write here "I am father and son both and so you will be, if not.

The love and Hate theory.

       There are two words, love and hate. They are known to opposite or even contradictory to some extent. Have you ever thought out how this concept started. I mean to say how this conventional meaning of these two words are so accepted by the intelligent world without any serious thought.
       Come let us share something about these two. In fact when you love most you hate in same volume. If it can be presumed that these both are scalar quantities then you can say that the direction of the two are out by 180 degree. But as it is known they are not. So being non scalar that is not the case.
        Now how these two can be at same value. Think a while when you love actually love is for whom, certainly it can not be anybody else other than you yourself. Then why you say "I LOVE YOU"?  Here you love yourself. Here you want to satisfy your emotional needs not of the person whom you claim to love.
        Now about hate. When you hate someone, do you really? I think no, a big no, you do not. Here again you want to communicate some one that, your state of mind is such that you do not like some thing about that person. You do not like it is understood. But why you want to communicate? The answer is simple again you want to satisfy your emotional needs.
        So both are the means of satisfying your own emotional needs, then why the world see them so opposite.
 May I get some answer other than the love is good and hate is bad? Request some serious thought.
        What ever you do, try to do with love. Even it may be hate.
Thanks. Rest next time.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Do not listen what the India or the world is telling about the corrupt people around you. You need  to listen your own inner sound and follow the same. Whatever it may be, even it may not be correct for you but it would be certainly correct for the others and this others is the NATION INDIA.